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Babbel - Sound Identity

Babbel, the world’s top-grossing language learning app, has unveiled its own unique sound identity, to inspire conversations and brand recognition for language learners across the globe.

  • Client Babbel
  • Agency Babbel In-House
  • Production DLMDD
Sound On Off

The Babbel sound identity has been designed to act as a sonic counterpoint to the perceived challenges often encountered when conversing in a new language.


This sound identity has been created to align with the Babbel’s ethos which celebrates the explorative process of language learning. “The Perfect Fifth”, created by composer Dom James, draws upon a globally recognised musical construct which evokes human feelings of simplicity and success.


Named “The Perfect Fifth”, the distinctive sonic identity, which launched in tandem with Babbel’s campaign “Accent Yourself” by Forsman & Bodenfors, will be heard by audiences across every touchpoint throughout the user journey.

Babbel lady smiling
Babbel lady in pool pondering
Babbel person in the street
Babbel person getting married

“ Equipping Babbel with its own ‘voice’ via a unique sound identity made a lot of sense, from marketing all the way to product. We’re stoked that we had DLMDD as a partner to make it happen: their process was not only thorough; it was a ton of fun too ”

Sylvain Lierre
Director, Consumer Insights & Brand Marketing

Sound On Off

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