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Betway - Sonic Branding

‘Energetic, catchy, smart’: Mark Ritson’s ‘one to watch’ sonic brand

  • Client Betway
  • Agency Saatchi & Saatchi
Sound On Off

Betway's new sonic brand will help it to cut through in the competitive and homogeneous sports gambling sector, as Mark Ritson labels the asset “one to watch”.


Betway has historically invested much of its marketing spend into sponsorship deals with high profile sports teams, such as West Ham United football club. The name has often been showcased during live matches or events, which has done “a lot of heavy lifting” for the brand.

That made us think, how can we achieve that in those non-visual formats?


Key to the brief was Betway’s aim to have consumers think “entertainment” when they thought of the brand.

Betway is an entertainment brand and the positioning is built around that. The brand also outlined in its brief that it wanted an “ownable, hard working” asset “that will work with everything”.

Sound On Off

“ DLMDD did a great job of converting what we stand for in terms of our personality and positioning into how that might come across sonically...The agency kept the brand team very true to the brief, so decision making could never become too subjective. ”

Tom Morrell
Senior Global Brand Manager, Betway

The results

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