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KFC - Chicken Town

The colonel is back and fancies himself as The Godfather in KFC's ad to reinforce its position as the original fast-food chicken brand.

  • Client KFC
  • Agency Mother
  • Production Pulse
Sound On Off

Join Colonel Harland Sanders on a trip through Chicken Town. A place where a legion of KFC imitators try their hardest to match the great man’s Original Recipe chicken. They come up short, of course, because when all’s said and done, KFC is only available at…well, KFC.


A soundtrack was required for Colonel Sanders to cruise around the mean streets of Britain, which are replete with small-scale chicken shops with names such as QFC and Memphis Fried Chicken.


The 60-second spot is set to a version of the unmistakeable Godfather soundtrack: a specially commissioned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performance of Love Theme by Nino Rota.

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