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Premier Inn - Do Your Thing

No matter who you are, how you're dressed or where you're going, you'll have a spring in your step if you're staying at a Premier Inn. A whopper of a re-record to ensure you 'Do Your Thing'. Produced with true DLMDD soul by Jeremy Newton and Sascha Darroch-Davies.

  • Client Premier Inn
  • Agency Leo Burnett
  • Production Missing Link Films
Sound On Off

Just like the people in the film, we've dressed up 'It's Your Thing' by the Isley Brothers in a vibrant new guise for Premier Inn. Featuring extraordinary vocals from Basement Jaxx vocalist Sharlene Hector and produced by London producer, Swindle. You'll be doing everything but sleeping and perpetually grooving at Premier Inn when you hear this feel good number.

Our gift to you - listen to the full length DLMDD studio recording here.

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