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The sound of Cadbury

Why rely on visual marketing when you could play with sound as well? That's the feeling behind the new sonic logo composed for Cadbury by prominent film score composer Guy Farley, which sums up the chocolate company's brand in just a few notes.

  • Client Cadbury
  • Agency VCCP
Sound On Off

There's no doubt that Cadbury's branding is some of the best-known out there, with the signature-style looped wordmark (based on the signature of founder William Cadbury) and the distinctive purple (Pantone 2685C, in case you were wondering) packing a chocolate-y punch right off the bat. And this auditory addition only serves to strengthen it more.


Cadbury came knocking to take the iconic visual identity to a multisensory level. Together with composer Guy Farley, we set out on a journey to emblemise the Cadbury brand and its slogan, “There’s a glass and a half in everyone” in sound.


Having been around since 1824 and currently the second-largest confectionery business in the world, Cadbury elicits fond memories for many. This emotional connection was at the core of the brand’s recent foray into audio, with famed film composer Guy Farley the perfect pick for the mammoth job.

Sound On Off

About the journey as featured in The Drum

Guy Farley at the piano composing Cadbury

How Farley composed the sound of Cadbury

Sound On Off

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