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A three-episode interactive digital film experience directed by Vincent Haycock and starring Lachlan Watson — Zalando Designer is an ode to self-expression and authenticity in the age of social media.

  • Client Zalando
  • Agency Anomaly
  • Production Somesuch
Sound On Off

“Sometimes, I just feel like I’m living two completely different lives,” Lachlan Watson says in the opening scene of the first episode from A Life of Liberty. “Maybe that’s because I am.” Pointing the lens on the youth’s need for authentic human connection, Zalando’s immersive mini-series reminds us that not everything is as it seems, especially if shared via social media.


This 3 episode mini-series for Zalando was more than an ad alone. It needed scoring and supervising like its own TV show.


A magic concoction of music strategy through original composition and music supervision. A musical narrative to deliver the story and narrative set out by film director Vincent Haycock.

Sound On Off

In the press - as featured in DRY

Zalando campaign shot
Zalando campaign shot
Zalando campaign shot
Zalando campaign shot

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