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There are two things that make Max happy - making music and the hit TV show Dragons Den.

Having seen almost every re-run that YouTube has to offer, it’s perhaps no surprise how life has unfolded.

When he’s not enjoying Touker Time, he’s involved with a collection of music initiatives including the Choir With No Name - choirs for people across the UK affected by homelessness.

Max De Lucia

Client Director

Greg’s journey into the worlds of music and sound was via war-zone reporting for the BBC in Afghanistan.

It was during this time that he embarked upon SAS hostile environment training - gaining skills he continues to use in his everyday life!

He is our very own Ant Middleton and the unshakeable force who makes the music happen behind the DLMDD doors.

Greg Moore

Production Director

Having mastered the violin at 5 years old, it was clear that Sascha was destined for life in the spotlight.

A career in music beckoned including European tours, record deals, playing the world’s pinkest drum-kit and even throwing James Blunt off a cliff.

Today he sits at the helm of the agency’s work in ad-land and enjoys racing around on his self-designed bikes.

Sascha Darroch-Davies

Agency Parnters Director

Born in Somerset, raised in Loughborough but made in Manchester.

Jeremy journeyed into the creative industries under the tutelage of Factory Records and Hacienda founder Anthony Wilson.

Having led impressive tenures at agencies including FRUTK, he continues to be the man who makes the DLMDD contracts rhyme and the numbers sing.

Jeremy Paterson

Operations Director

Have you ever wondered whose voice it is behind station announcements? Well if you’re on the trams of Paris, it’s Aurelia.

Having made a big impression on the city, it was London and the UK that Aurelia had set her sights on growing up.

Life in the UK has given rise to a love of whisky and haggis and the odd vocal performance of Boys Don’t Cry after a few Cointreaus.

Aurelia Havet

Business Strategy Director

Anil means 'squirrel' in Tamil.

The Mother of Squirrels we know and love today began their life as the singer of avant garde art punk band Playschool at just two years old.

Although the band's debut 'Anil Scream' didn’t smash a number one, it lit the way for Sebastian's artistic career - lending their vocal chops to everyone from U2 to Imogen Heap and co-founding London Contemporary Voices along the way.

Anil Sebastian

Creative Director

Bristol created its very own James Taylor.

Forget ‘How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You’ and the UK funk quartet, DLMDD’s James (Edward) Taylor brings science, thinking and meaning to music in ways no other human can.

When he’s not creating sonic solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands, Jed can be found belting tunes at Folkestone karaoke nights and hunting down Welsh UFO conventions.

Jed Taylor

Strategy & Innovation Lead

Belfast is famous for two Titanics - the first being a nautical disaster and the second being an acapella sensation.

Erin has lived a real life Pitch Perfect; directing 3 national vocal championships, performing on Broadway and even recording her own acapella album with ensemble Aquapella.

Beyond her dulcet tones, she is a dog lover, foodie aficionado and most of all enjoys having the craic!

Erin McCullough

Brand Music Consultant

As a self-professed pop culture aficionado, Lizz needs her daily social feed fix to make the magic happen.

Away from her avid media consumption, she laps up any opportunity to make her own records with songwriters and producers alike.

So, if you’re ever in need of a TV/Film/Podcast recommendation, are trying to recall 'who that actor is from that thing', or, more aptly, require some cracking tunes for your latest campaign, Lizz is your gal.

Lizz Harman

Creative Music Consultant

As Dizzy Gillespie left life on planet earth, a new breed of horn player arrived in Guildford in the form of Pip Scott.

Aside from starting every day with a head of “A Night in Tunisia” at 380BPM, Pip also sports an enviable lifestyle amongst the green pastures of the Surrey Hills.

As well as her business prowess and devilish trumpeting, Pip is the proud owner of office dog and Instagram sensation Pickles.

Pip Scott

Account Executive


Puplic Relations Officer