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Singapore Airlines - Batik Symphony

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The Sound of
Singapore Airlines

“Music, sound and travel are beautifully intertwined and interconnected. They provide us with experiences of people, cultures, and geographies across the world and create emotional connections that can last a lifetime”


Welcome to the story of a journey that bottles up world-class experiences in sound, through world first innovation in sonic branding.

batik brief

It all started
with a brief

How do you translate the new visual world of SIA - the vibrant colourful melange of the Batik - into a new sound world for the brand?

abstract swirl


We looked at synaethesia - the neurological trait or condition that results in a joining or merging of senses that aren't normally connected.

In simple terms, composers and creators who hear sounds when they see colours.

Duke Ellington, Pharrell and even David Hockney are all synesthetes.

colour swatches

But synaesthesia is very personal

One person's green could be the sound of a G major chord.
Another's could be a Bb diminished.
We needed something more universal.

It got us thinking, what if we could build an instrument?

All colours have frequencies and so do sounds.
Could we build an instrument with the technologies to connect the two?

Dominic Murcott

Dominic Murcott

World-expert instrument builder, composer, curator and musician.

With an output as diverse as exhibitions at the NYC Whitney Museum, performances by the London Sinfonietta, collaborations with Heston Blumenthal and instruments built for public art.


We began with a simple prototype that enabled the Batik flowers to speak and sing.

The instrument’s technology rooted the flowers in the E major tonality of the Great Way To Fly melody and allowed melodic fragments to be pieced together creating musical motifs.

This gave us some musical sketches but we needed a symphony.

SIA Batik Instrument prototype diagram
*Inspiration image for illustration purposes
SIA Batik Instrument

The instrument building team was bolstered with the skills and expertise of Dominic Murcott and Matthew Hill.

And a powerful piece of sonic branding technology was built.

An instrument holding 653,072 sonic combinations.

With around 4 million possible results.

And 6 sonic palettes to choose from.

The "brain" behind the SIA Batik Instrument

SIA Batik Instrument
SIA Batik Instrument

The result

An interactive instrument that could be played by anyone, anywhere.

But we needed more than just anyone, we needed a world- class composer to produce a symphony of sound using the instrument.

Where a composer would usually sit down at the piano to write, our composer would sit down with the Batik instrument to produce the sound of Singapore Airlines.

 Rohan De Livera

De Livera

Rohan De Livera is a Sri Lankan born and D&AD award winning orchestral composer.

He has a special relationship with Singapore Airlines and the Great Way To Fly melody - always flying with SIA to Asia on family holidays as a child.

The sonic fabric of the brand was already a part of Rohan’s lived experiences.

After months of composing, over 30 minutes of through-composed music was written by Rohan with the Batik instrument.

Producing tailored, emotional sound experiences for every touchpoint on the SIA customer journey :

  • Boarding Music
  • Landing Music
  • Lounge Music
  • Telephone Hold Music
  • Audio Signatures
  • Digital Interaction Sounds


Every sound moment weaving together the innovation of the Batik instrument and the brand’s history of the Great Way To Fly melody.

All performed and recorded by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

So whether you're bubbling with excitement jetting off to a new destination...

Enjoying a glass of wine in the lounge...

Coming in to land back home again...

Or being inspired to book your next adventure through SIA advertising...

The Sound of Singapore Airlines is there with you every step of the way.

Sonifying every brand moment in a way no other brand has ever done before.

Pushing the boundaries of artistic and technological innovation to produce a one-of-a-kind customer experience through sound.

That all stems back to the heritage and native flowers of the world's garden city.

A new sound for a new era of SIA travel has been born.

Here for millions to hear for many years to come.