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Amazon - Morning Ritual

Amazon Alexa helps blind woman in this RNIB-approved ad. The spot was developed with support from the Royal National Institute of Blind People and was directed by Frédéric Planchon through Academy.

  • Client Amazon & RNIB
  • Agency The Joint
  • Production Academy Films
Sound On Off

"Morning Ritual" shows a woman – who the viewer eventually realises is blind – waking up, making herself coffee and preparing to head outside. She asks Alexa what time it is and about the weather.


Produce a soundtrack which is sympathetic to the story which paints a picture of the voice assistant’s role in daily life for the visually impaired.


A delicate, inspiring score with gentle rocking melody lines which enhance the beauty of the storytelling on screen.

Amazon - Morning Ritual
Amazon - Morning Ritual
Amazon - Morning Ritual
Amazon - Morning Ritual

“ The simplest jobs, that sighted people might take for granted, can often be the hardest for those living with sight loss. Having a device that can give you information via voice simplifies tasks and opens a world of accessibility. ”

Robin Spinks
Tech & Innovation Manager, RNIB

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